The Only OPEN DSKY replica

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We are humbled by having this crowfunding campaign reach 415% of our funding goal in only 36 days. Thank You to all backers!

If you are sorry you missed our Open Enigma Kickstarter, and our Open DSKY Kickstarter, no worries: we partnered with BackerKit this time so you can pre-order now!


What we do: "Tough and Competent"


The first and only commercially available Open Source Arduino based DSKY/AGC functional Replica.


S&T GeoTronics makes quality electronic Open Source reproductions.  It's what we do.  Craftsmanship has been explained as the process of being intimately involved with the making of a product that is well-made, long-lasting, attractive and/or desirable. Another identifying factor of true craftsmen is their interest in the process of creating. The focus is on the product, the creative process, and how much enjoyment it brings.

These machines are assembled entirely by hand, by us, in our very small workshop. We have no "mass production" equipment. Each wooden case is made from 3/8" selected imported wood, and fitted with the best materials we can obtain. These cases will last as long as the electronics they contain.

Visit www.stgeotronics.com to order PCBs, kits and Assembled/Tested devices.

Open Source Kits

From PCBs to kits, to assembled/tested units to Full Collector models. We offer a variety of products for every budget.

Proven Track Record

After 4 years in business, over 150 Open Enigma Mark 4 shipped around the world, central focus in a London Bar (The Bletchley), final event at New York Midnight Madness, we have also created numerous unique and captivating props for Escape Rooms.


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