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Teaser1: https://youtu.be/w9zif3yki6o

Teaser2: https://youtu.be/89eyJrBGV6g


We released our instructable on Wednesday January 10th https://www.instructables.com/id/Open-Apollo-Guidance-Computer-DSKY/  and by Sunday the 14th, we already had over to 8000 views and was favorited by over 90 makers.

Feedback and Testimonials

- Apollo DSKY Replica;

I find your effort to replicate the Apollo DSKY, extremely exciting.

I was one of a number of engineers that worked on the design of the DSKY. I was employed by Raytheon Space and Information (Sudbury, MA) during the development of the DSKY. We worked in concert with MIT Draper labs personnel in the development of the Apollo Guidance Computer. During the development of the AGC and the DSKY at that time we were working with breakthrough technologies. I can easily visualize the creation of the switch mechanism utilized in the DSKY.

Thanks for bringing back such a historical bit of our technological history.

Ronald Guibord 

- " An awesome job, congratulations! "

- " Nice project .. but no core memory? What fun is that ? (LOL) "

-  "AWESOME!" 


- "Re: Apollo guidance computer NASA

Very nice! Bit of an easter egg in there too"

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Q - " the arduino is preprogrammed, what if it fails after some time, can I reprogram a new one ? so is the ino script supplied with the kit ? " 

A - Yes, we email the ino file to every customer and you can download the latest version anytime.

Q - " the program: is it fully simulating the original dsky software, or only a few commands ?"

A - At the moment, the code only contains a few Verbs, few Nouns and few Programs, but we are busy adding software functionality.